Arabic Language Course for Beginners

Arabic Language Course is provided by Arabic Church in Korea. It is because learning language is the most required tool for mission. Missionaries who have vision for Arab must be able to speak Arabic language. Without Arabic language Korean Christian is not qualified for mission for Arab. Based on this belief, Arabic Church in Korea provides Basic Arabic Language Course for Korean Christians. It is Classic Arabic language. The text book is available in Korean language. The teacher is native  Arab. This Arabic Language Course for Beginners is 66 hours (3 hours class).

Korean Christian missionary needs

Arabic Language Course aims to provide Korean Christian missionaries basic information about Arabic language. These basic teaching will enable Korean Christian missionaries to deal with Arabic text. Our Course includes all Koreans need to know about Arabic alphabet, Arabic words and basic grammar of Arabic sentence. It teaches Classic Arabic language which 22 Arabic countries use. Classic Arabic language is used for the majority of Arabic text such as books, newspaper, magazines, official documents, education, dictionaries, Bible, Quran and Sunnah. The Classic Arabic language is used in all Arabic countries as mother language and it is used Islamic countries as first or second foreign language. Our Course will help Korean Christian missionaries to learn any Arabic colloquial in Middle East. This Arabic language class is for Korean Christians and Korean non-Christians are welcomed as well. For listening, our language course included very simple Arabic gospel songs in Classic Arabic language in order to help students to memorize Arabic words and enjoy Arabic music. Our Arabic Language class can be hold in our office or the Arabic language teacher can visit any church or organization which can arrange a class. This basic course can be taught in 22 weeks and it can be intensive course in 2 weeks. 

Advanced Arabic Languages

Arabic Church in Korea can recommend Korean Christian missionaries and other Korean people and introduce any Arabic teacher who can teach Classic Arabic language face to face class or any Arab person who can teach any colloquial  Arabic language.

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